Heroes Goes to School

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hey Hero, Your Journey Begins Here!

First off, we would love to let you know that we are EXCITED to have you visit. That’s because although Heroes may look like everyday people, they have chosen to do EXTRAORDINARY things and you would agree with us that this category of people are rare.

Therefore, we SALUTE you and urge you to get right into the ACTION of SAVING LIVES and IMPACTING students and staff in your chosen school through “A Hero Goes To School Initiative”.

Here’s what you need to know about this Heroic Quest.

  • The goal is to impact the global school community which consists of over 3 Billion Children and Teenagers, with books by the World’s best author, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc, DD
  • The plan is to sponsor the free distribution of these books to your Alma Mater and Schools in your city.
  • The sponsorship platforms include;
    • Sponsor A Library Initiative (SALI): A Hero can sponsor all the categories of books from kiddies up to the books for adults for a school library. This covers the entire range of books and bibles by our Man of God.Take Action Now
  • The Alma Mater Initiative: This sponsorship category covers the following:
    • Sponsorship to Pastor Chris’ Alma Mater (All Schools attended by Pastor Chris)
    • Sponsorship to your Zonal/Regional Pastor’s Alma Mater
    • Sponsorship to your own Alma Mater.

Note: For Heroes who do not live in the same city as their Alma Mater, the distribution can be done on their behalf through the LoveWorld Ministries’ vast network of Churches.

  • Sponsor A Classroom Initiative: Sponsor a minimum of 20 books for a class. Depending on the class size in your select school, the numbers could be more.
  • Sponsor A Book/ Multiple Books Initiative: You can sponsor a minimum of one book to be donated towards building a School Library.

Dear Hero, the time to ACT is NOW! We look forward to applauding your exploits and impact.Take Action Now

God bless you.